Oooooohhhhh We’re Halfway There!

I’m now on my 3rd week at the MTC! Halfway through! Yay!

This week has been full of twists and turns, but still pretty good.


Patricia, our TRC investigator has been doing well. She agreed to pray and read the scriptures daily in our last lesson! She was pretty good about keeping her commitment to pray last time so hopefully she’ll keep this one! At the end of our lesson with her yesterday, she hugged us! We’re getting closer to her! Hermana Read, Hermana Nieves, and I could not keep the smiles off our faces when we walked out from that lesson, we just felt so good about it!

Ann M. Dibbs, Thomas S. Monson’s daughter, came and talked to all the women in the MTC on Sunday. It was pretty neat! For her talk she spoke about her dad and listed out his attributes that she’s noticed throughout her life. At the end of her talk, she had us cross out the “he is” in every trait that she listed and had us write “I will be…” instead, like this:

“I will observe and remember”

“I will be a loyal friend”

“I will encourage others”


Tomorrow I’ve been assigned to be a host for a new missionary and help her get all the things she needs and get to her class. Hopefully I don’t mess up and get lost! I still don’t feel like I know my way around this place!

In the email I sent last week, I said there was a rumor going around that Elder Holland was going to talk to us that night in Devotional. Unfortunately, that ended up just being a rumor. But we still had a great devotional! Lynn G. Robbins came to speak to us about Christlike attributes. He challenged each of us to read Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel and pick a Christlike attribute to work on. I chose to work on the attribute of hope.

On Friday night, Hermano Clement had our class sit in a circle as a district and read all of Ether 12 together. If you ever need a spiritual pick me up, I highly recommend reading this chapter!

If you ever need a laugh, the Elders in our district just showed us one of the best LDS ads ever made! Watch it here. It’s so awkward, we all just died laughing. But maybe we’re just losing our senses of humor in el CCM 😉

I can’t let my non member friends see that video without also linking to a more beautiful and heartfelt video about family too. Here’s a very sweet video about fatherhood.

Another funny thing that happened this week! Hermana Nieves has had a sore throat all week, so she’s been carrying around a cup of salt to gargle every once in a while. The Elders were asking why she waws carrying the salt around and we told them that we were using it to keep evil spirits away at night! The funny thing is that some of them didn’t catch our sarcasm at first and were so concerned! Poor guys!

Hermana Nieves was just full of good quotes this week , so I’ll just end with a couple of my favorites:

“Whenever you feel far away from God, just ask yourself, who moved?”

“See the light in others and treat them as if that’s all you see.”

That’s about all I have for this week! I love all of you and I hope life is going well for all of you! Thank you to everyone who sent me DearElders this week! I love getting letters from you all!

Hasta Luego!

Hermana Wilsted



New Companionship

Hey Everyone!

There have been some big changes this week! The first one: I’ve been put into a tri-panionship with Hermana Read and Hermana Nieves. Hermana Hurd has decided to switch to an English speaking mission so unfortunately that means she’s changed districts. We still see her around a lot, and she’s been doing a lot better since the switch. Being in a tri-panionship is kind of tough, but I’m getting used to it.

Another change is that our “investigator” that I talked about last week is now one of our teachers! “Marcos” is actually Hermano Clement and I love him! He’s a really good teacher and so patient and kind, just like Hermano Peery! We (Hermana Nieves, Hermana Read, and I) have two new investigators this week. One is just Hermano Peery acting like someone else (Luis), the other is a lady named Patricia, and we’re really not sure if she’s a real investigator or  not! Patricia is from Uruguay and she told us a ton about Argentine food! It was really fun talking to her. She was trying to learn English so we all just kind of spoke Spanglish throughout the entire meeting.

Every Sunday and Tuesday night, the MTC has big devotionals. This past Sunday Vai Sikahima came to talk to us about the power of our influence in other people’s lives, it was so great! He’s lead a really neat life, and it made me feel super excited to get out to Argentina and start helping people!

We also had a devotional last Tuesday, and guess who gave it? Elder and Sister Bednar! It was so cool being in the same room as an apostle*! They spoke about how to get more out of General Conference** talks.

We’ll have another devotional tonight and some people have been speculating that Elder Holland is giving it! In choir on Sunday the director is having us sing “Be Still My Soul” for tonight and he mentioned that it was a lot of the apostles’ favorite hymns and was very particular about how we needed to make sure we sang this well for devotional tonight.Then, at devotional sunday night, Vai mentioned that either Elder Bednar or Elder Holland spoke to us last week. We’re assuming he knows the speaking schedule. If Elder Holland comes to speak to us tonight I will die. He’s one of my favorite apostles!!! If I had favorites I mean… *ahem*

Also on Sunday night, we watched The Joseph Smith movie, and it was so good! I’ve seen it before but I felt the spirit so strong throughout the movie! It really makes me grateful for the early Saints of the church, and especially Joseph Smith, who went through so much to keep the gospel alive. This gospel has brought so much joy to my life!

Before I end this email, I’d like to thank everyone that have sent me Dear Elders this week! They really help uplift me throughout the week. If any of you would like to send me a DearElder, they are totally free! You just go to the DearElder website and write me a letter. Here’s my info:

Hermana Wilsted


2005 N 900 E Unit 15

Provo, UT 84602

Thank you to anyone who send me DearElders! I love them!

For anyone that isn’t a member of the LDS church, you can always check out or if you have any questions. You can also ask me and I’ll try to answer you by next Tuesday! Here’s a few definitions of some things I spoke about in my email today:

*Apostle – Like in Christ’s ministry, we believe apostles and prophets have been called today. We have a prophet at the head of the church today and 12 apostles. They are the leaders of our church.

**General Conference – General conference happens twice a year. It’s a weekend long event where the members of our church listen to inspired talks given by the prophets apostles, and other leaders in the church. We believe the words from these talks, especially from the 12 apostles and the prophet of our church, to be inspired from our Heavenly Father. I feel the spirit so strongly listening to these wonderful men, and I am grateful for the guidance they give us.

Well I think that’s all for this week! I love you all and miss you so much! Keep praying for me!

Hasta Luego!

Hermana Wilsted

P.S. – We watched a video from Elder Holland called “Testimony of the Book of Mormon” and it is so good! It’s about 4 minutes like and I really recommend it! If you’d like to watch it, here’s a link!


It’s Christmas in October

… Well not exactly, but it feels like it! My first P-Day has been AWESOME so far! We started the day at 6:15 and got ready to walk over to the Provo temple*. I know I always joke about how ugly that temple is, but it is BEAUTIFUL on the inside! Also, it has a cafeteria, which was super awesome. The food was so great, way better than anything I’ve had at the MTC cafeteria so far! Not that I’ve been starving or anything 🙂 The temple trip was super fun, I’m so glad we get the chance to go each week before we leave. I wish there was a temple in our mission!

My companion is Hermana Hurd, and she is so sweet! She’s from Mantua, Utah. We are two completely different people but we’re getting along pretty well! We really even each other out in a lot of ways. She’s been having a hard time with homesickness since we’ve gotten here, so if you guys wanted to include Hermana Hurd in your prayers I think that would be great!

The other girls I am rooming with are Hermana Nieves, Hermana Read, Hermana Goates, and Hermana Gardenier. Hermana Goates and Hermana Gardenier are in the intermediate Spanish class and they have been so helpful and supportive of the rest of us! They’re seriously like the room moms. Yesterday, they left uplifting notes on everyone’s pillows and it was just the sweetest thing ever. I don’t know how anyone can be so good but they really are! Hermana Nieves and Hermana Read are in the beginning class with Hermana Hurd and I, and they’re also going to Argentina Posadas so I might end up being with companions with one of them someday! Hermana Nieves is super fun and chill, she also completed a year of school before going on a mission like I did. Hermana Read is actually a college junior, and she is really good at Spanish! Not fluent, but she knows a lot more than us. She probably should be in the intermediate class but she never called for them to put her in so she’s stuck with us 😉

Our room decided that every Friday we would have a little devotional for just the six of us! This last week Hermana Gardenier and Hermana Goates were in charge and one of their moms sent us cake! It was so awesome! Hermana Hurd and I are in charge of this next one 🙂

The Elders in our district are so funny! There’s 7 of them, three of them are in a tri-panionship**. I keep forgetting all of them are just out of High School, it feels weird being older than them! I used to look up to the Elders in our ward like they were way older than me, it’s weird having them as my peers! It’s weird, but still so fun! Anyways, I haven’t gotten to know all of them super well yet, but I can say that they’re all great. When it’s time to study, they work hard, when it’s time to talk and have fun, they play hard! The district*** wouldn’t be nearly as fun without them.

So… Spanish… In my setting apart blessing it promised that I’d become so fluent in Spanish that I’d sound like a native, and I’ve gotta say, I can really feel the spirit helping me learn! I can see improvements in my Spanish every day, and slowly but surely I am able to say and understand more each day! I’m not saying I’m gonna be fluent in six weeks, but I think I’ll be able to hold a normal conversation by then without saying “Como se dice…” (How do you say…) every minute! The Gift of Tongues is real!

We’re teaching a fake investigator every day en espanol. His name is Marcos, or at least that’s the name we know him by. Our first day of teaching him was super scary and really kind of bad, but after that we got a lot better! Hermana Hurd and I are really starting to get the hang of planning lessons! This Sunday we’ve been asked to teach Relief Society, and we already finished the basics of our lesson. Now we just have to worry about making it fun!

Our Spanish teacher is Hermano Peery, and he doesn’t speak one word of English to us. I like him a lot! He’s super patient and never acts annoyed when some of us don’t understand what the heck he’s trying to tell us (which is basically half the time). He’s also super funny! Sometimes when we make grammar mistakes he goes “Apostasia” (apostasy), or when the computer isn’t working he goes “El Diablo” (the devil). He also quotes Nacho Libre a lot. We /think/ he tells us more jokes in Spanish because he laughs a lot and we just kind of laugh with him even though we have no idea what he just said to us. 😉

At the end of our language class yesterday I was pretty close to tears. I was asking Hermano Peery how I can get more out of reading the scriptures in Spanish because it feels like even though I get what’s going on, it’s not really helping me learn the scriptures in Spanish. He tried to give me tips, but like I said, he only speaks in Spanish to us and I literally had no idea what he was telling me. After asking him to repeat himself like 5 times I finally just nodded and acted like I understood. Then Hermana Read gave me a note in English telling me what he was trying to tell me, so thankfully I got an answer. Anyway, at the end of language class Hermano Peery had us read Alma 26:37 in the Book of Mormon and it made me cry! I felt so much comfort from that verse, I am so glad Hermano Peery had us read it. Here’s what it says:

37 Now my brethren, we see that God is mindful of every people, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people, and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy, and my great thanksgiving; yea, and I will give thanks unto my God forever. Amen.

I am so grateful to have Hermano Peery for our teacher. I can really feel the spirit in our classroom thanks to him and this awesome district. I can’t wait to see what the next 5 weeks here at the MTC bring!

Before I end this super duper long email, I wanted to remind you all that even though I can only send and read emails one day a week, I can read DearElder messages every day while at the MTC! If any of you would like to send me a message through DearElder, I’d LOVE to hear from you! Here’s the address you’ll need:


2005 N 900 E Unit 15

Provo, UT 84602

Called to Serve!

Hey Everyone!

I know it’s been a while, but I’ve got some exciting news! I’m going on a mission!!

I have been called to serve in the Argentina Posadas Mission, and I report to the MTC on October 5th! That’s one week from now ohmigoodness!!! I’m half excited, half scared out of my mind. That’s always a fun mix!

Anyways, since my next post will be a copy of my first weekly mission email, I thought it’d be good to write down some of my thoughts and feelings before someone else (that someone else being my older sister, Shiloh) takes care of the blog while I’m gone.

So… where do I begin? I guess I’ll just go ahead and puke up all of my fears. Start with the bad, end with the good. That sounds like a good way to go!

Fears (Dun-dun-duuuuun)

  1. I’m going to miss my mom SO MUCH. Seriously, so so SO much! She has been my best friend throughout my entire life. I made it through a year of college just fine, but that was with my siblings nearby and being able to call and text her everyday. I am so scared that I’m going to break down when the reality of not being able to hear her voice more than twice a year hits me.
  2. This sister who recently returned from the Argentina Posadas mission said there weren’t a lot of areas where bikes are used, which is good because riding bikes actually scares me. I took one really nasty fall down a rock hill while riding a bike once, and that was enough for me to never want to do it again. What if I end up in a similar accident on my mission?
  3. Argentina eats a lot of meat, and a lot of carbs. Meat and carbs, that’s about it. I can work fruit into my diet in the mornings and dinner time, but I’ve already gained enough weight this summer as it is, am I going to come back 50 pounds heavier?
  4. What if I get mugged!? Seriously, I’m scared to death that I’m gonna get stabbed or something, and even if I don’t get hurt, I would be heart-broken if my mission bag got stolen because my mission scriptures, patriarchal blessing, family pictures, and special quote book might be inside it! I know they’re all just things, but the scriptures are sentimental because they’re specifically to be used during my mission. The patriarchal blessing is just a copy and can be replaced, but it’s just so special to me. The family pictures can be replaced because I have them on USB but I don’t know if there will be a place to print my pictures or a place to buy a little mini photo book, so that would suck to lose it. And the quote book. Oh my goodness, the quote book. My mom and I spent hours working on that cute little book. I searched the internet for an entire week looking for the most uplifting quotes and poems I could find to take with me. It’s more than just the book, it’s already got so many memories attached to it. I would be so sad if I lost that book.
  5. What if none of my companions like me? It sounds crazy, but it’s my biggest fear. I have always had a hard time making friends, party because I moved states every two years of my life, and partly because I have a terrible self confidence. I tend to be kind of a doormat. I avoid confrontation like the plague, and somehow I guess that translates to me not being able to connect with people outside of my family very well. Don’t get me wrong, I made a couple friends at BYU, but they’re going to be a year from graduating and maybe even MARRIED when I get back. I’ll be left in the dust and I’ll basically have to start all over again friend-wise. I desperately want to come out of my mission with at least one good friend. Seriously, some girls go on their missions dreaming of finding their future husbands (I am not judging anyone who does want this), not me. I just want a friend.

Hopes & Wishes

  1. I want to come back from my mission with a few friends that I can come back to BYU with as a sophomore. I would be so happy if I could finally have a strong group of friends that I can go out and do random fun stuff just on the spry with.
  2. I’d love to come back fluent enough in Spanish to be able to get a few credit-hours for it. I’ve been tossing around the idea of maybe one day becoming a Spanish teacher, but I guess we’ll just have to see what the future brings.
  3. If I could lose weight on my mission, that would be great. I’m just going to be honest, I gained thirty pounds since I’ve come home from college. I haven’t been moving much, and my family has been eating out a lot. I am not feeling very confident about my looks right now. I’m hoping that if I eat well during the meals I have control over, the pounds will begin to drop. My mission is mostly a walking mission, some areas have bikes, most don’t. There aren’t any cars, and buses are used sparingly, so I should be getting plenty of exercise! Here’s hoping for a new me, spiritually and physically!
  4. I never really got a confirmation one way or the other if a mission was right for me. I finally just decided to go because it was what I wanted to do and I’ve never gotten any feelings that it wasn’t right for me. If I could come back from my mission feeling like it really was something that I was meant to do, whether it be because there was someone I helped touch, something special that I learned, or a friend made, I’d like to come back knowing that this was the path God wanted me to take, and not just something that I could have taken or left without any consequence.
  5. I want to come back from my mission a completely new person, for the better of course! Now don’t get me wrong! I am totally worthy to go and I’m not struggling with my faith at all, but my biggest reason for wanting to go is because I want the spiritual growth that comes with serving a mission.

When I sent in my papers, I was feeling like I had hit a spiritual plateau. Since I began preparing for my mission however, I definitely have felt more in tune with the spirit. I also feel that the Facebook group, Many are called…. but few are sisters has helped a lot in preparing for my mission by being able to hear other girls’ mission stories. I am SO grateful that I found it before I left! If you’re a girl preparing to go on a mission, thinking about serving, or a returned missionary, I HIGHLY suggest you request to join the page. It has seriously been one of the best tools in helping me prepare!

Anyway, that’s my list of hopes and fears, dreams and nightmares. If you’re reading this, I would really appreciate any prayers sent my way! 🙂

That’s all I have to say for now,

See you all in 18 months!!!

Featured image: “Seeking the Spirit” by Greg Olsen

Semester 1 Crafts and Projects

Hello Everyone!

Though I’ve been rather quiet about it on this blog, I’ve actually worked on quite a few projects throughout this semester! Everything I’ve done was supposed to be displayed on here but I unfortunately didn’t get around to posting anything until today! Fair warning; this post is going to be massive! With 7 projects, 44 pictures, and tons of explanations and write-ups, this post is going to be a lot to take in!

Now I’m not crazy, I know this is absolutely no way to run a blog! If I really wanted to capture the public’s attention I know I’d need to separate these projects into several different posts and release them each a week apart, preferably during the next Fall season since most of these crafts have to do with Fall. I would totally have done this! Unfortunately, I ran out of time. Seeing as this blog will be graded for my Book of Mormon class, I need to put up everything I’ve done this semester now. Was it smart to do it this way? Not really. Am I happy I did it this way? No freaking way. Do I have to do it this way? Yup. So, let’s begin!

Monster Silhouettes

One of the first projects I did during my first semester at BYU was my monster silhouettes! I got the idea from this pin!

 Window Monsters 1

For this project I used:

  • 3 Foam Boards
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Black Spray Paint (I needed way more than what’s pictured there! I really needed two normal sized spray paint cans to do 3 monsters)
  • Colored Tissue Paper
  • Newspaper (Not pictured)

Window Monsters 4

I started out by drawing the outlines of my monsters with a pencil.

Window Monsters 5

All three of my monster outlines

Window Monsters 8

Then I used a sharpie to darken the lines I needed to cut.

Window Monsters 11Be careful when cutting! I kept switching to the front and back of the foam boards to cleanly cut through the entire board. While I was cutting on the back side I accidentally chopped off the tip of this little guy’s tail!

Window Monsters 12

Next I took my monsters outside, laid out a bunch of newspaper on the grass and began spray painting! Be careful not to spray paint too many coats onto the board all at once. It’s best to do a single coat and then wait a few minutes before doing another one.

Window Monsters 14

After I finished spray-painting my monsters, I got my colored tissue paper and cut little squares to put behind the eye and mouth holes. After using mod podge on the rims of the eyes and mouth, I stuck the tissue paper on and was able to rip the excess bits off cleanly and easily.

Window Monsters 15

This is what my monsters looked like when I was done!

Window Monsters 16

This is what they looked like from outside at night. I apologize for the poor picture quality!

Glittery Falling Leaves Garland

My next project was a beautiful falling leaves garland found on House of Jade Interiors!

While not difficult, this project was very messy! I had originally planned to make two garlands for my room, but by the end of the first one I had had enough of glitter So, I stuck with just one.

For this project I used:

  • Mod Podge (not the glue in the picture)
  • Thin Brown Ribbon
  • A Foam Brush
  • A Hole Puncher
  • Fake Autumn Leaves
  • Gold, Orange, and Brown Glitter
  • Paper Plates (Not Pictured)
* For some reason I had black spray paint in the picture, but it was not used for this project

Glitter Leaves 2

For this project I used the table in my hall’s lounge as a work station. One one plate, I would first coat my leaves in mod podge on both sides. Using two plates per color of glitter, I would then place the mod podged leaf onto the empty glitter plate and dump glitter from the other plate on top of it. I would then switch the leaf to the other plate and repeat the process until the leaf was completely covered, then I would set the leaf aside to dry.

Glitter Leaves 3

At the end of this process I ended up with 20 leaves.

Glitter Leaves 4

Here they all are tied into a garland.

Glitter Leaves 5

Here’s the finished product hanging across our entryway. Again, I apologize for the poor quality image.

I had meant to get two big brown bows to paste to each end of the garland, but I never got around to doing that unfortunately. Maybe next year 😉

Dorm Hall Boos

At the beginning of the semester I joined the Hall Council in my dorm. As part of the council I came up with the fun idea to do Halloween Boos for our hall!

You've Been Booed 1To start out, I made this cute little instructions sheet and adjusted the rules to make it fit in with dorm life. If anyone else were to do this however, I would suggest starting out with two boo buckets. 1 bucket would have been fine if everyone had really only taken 2 days to pass the boo along, but unfortunately college students get busy and some took longer than others to get the boo going again. I ended up making a second boo bucket in the middle of October.


The “We’ve Been Booed!” sign mentioned in the instructions

You've Been Booed 2

I filled the first boo bucket with two of these adorable Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cups! These oranges were actually not that hard to make! I unfortunately never took a picture of what my Jack-O-Lantern oranges looked like with fruit inside, but just imagine them filled with blackberries and grapes and you’ll have an idea of what they looked like. They were so cute!

I also added these Pumpkin Spice Sugar Cookies with this Pumpkin Spice Frosting to the first boo bucket. They were delicious! I couldn’t keep my hands off of them!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the first completed bucket. I was in a rush to get the boos started so everyone would be sure to get one before the end of October.

You've Been Booed 3

I did however, manage to get a picture of the second bucket I started at the middle of October! For this bucket I just put in two bags of candy. Not the most fun or creative, but I was in a rush and was definitely not in the most creative of moods at that time.

Lounge Halloween Decorations

Two weeks before Halloween, it was announced that the David John Hall would be having a lounge decorations contest! Each Hall council would plan and decorate their own lounge for Halloween and then all the RAs would vote on which lounge was best.

I can’t take a lot of credit for this project, I did help plan the decorations and put a few of them up, but for the most part I wasn’t too involved. I was gone the weekend that the hall finished putting them up.

None of these pictures are great quality. I had planned to take better ones later, but it never happened. Sorry!

The pumpkin in the rightmost corner was carved by me! I actually stacked it on top of another slightly bigger pumpkin with fallen leaves pasted all over it to make the two pumpkins look more like an owl! It was really cute! Unfortunately, I must have deleted the pictures because I can’t find them anywhere 😦

Zombie Bride Costume

I had been planning this costume since August but didn’t start until the middle of October! I followed this tutorial on YouTube.

To make this costume I used:

  • A Vintage Wedding Dress (I found it on Etsy)
  • Fake Blood
  • Black Dye
  • Black Tea Bags
  • Seam Ripper
  • Newspapers
  • A Large Plastic Bucket
  • A Plastic Knife for Blood Splatters
  • A Plastic Cup to hold the Fake Blood
  • Black Ink Pads

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since there are so many pictures for this project, I compiled them all into a slideshow. Each picture shows a different step in the process of making this dress.

I started out by dying the whole dress in a large bucket of hot water with 50 Lipton Black Tea Bags.

After letting the dress soak overnight, I hung it out to dry and then proceeded to add about 3/4’s a packet of black dye to the bucket of water.

Once the dress was dry enough, I dipped the bottom part of the dress into the water and let it soak for about 4 hours. The end result of this black dye turned the dress more of a blue than black, but that didn’t bother me. To help give the dress more of a dirty muddy look, I used a black ink pad to blot the bottom of dress.

Days later, I brought the dress down to the basement lounge in my hall. There was a long table down there that fit my entire dress on it.

To begin, I spread newspaper all over the table, and then laid my dress as flat as I could on top of it. Then, I poured my fake blood into a cup, added the remainder of my black dye powder to it, and proceeded to splatter blood on the dress with a plastic fork.

It didn’t take long to splatter the dress. What did take a long time was waiting for that blood to dry before moving on to the other side!

Overall, I’m glad I did this costume. I didn’t end up getting any good pictures of me in it, but I bet I can get some better ones next year 🙂

Christmas Kentucky Butter Cake

Last week someone on my Facebook newsfeed shared this Kentucky Butter Cake recipe, saying it was the best pound cake ever! I was really craving a good cake at the time and this one sounded divine, so naturally I had to try it!

Christmas Kentucky Butter Cake 1

To make the cake more Christmas-y I added little droplets of red and green food coloring to the cake mix and then swirled them around with a butter knife.

The recipe called for a buttery vanilla glaze to be spread on the bottom of the cake as it cooled in it’s pan. It definitely was the best part of the cake in my opinion! I just really brought the whole thing together!

Christmas Kentucky Butter Cake 5Christmas Kentucky Butter Cake 6

So pretty, and so, so yummy!

End Comments

That was a really long post! If you really did read all of that, good on you! If you didn’t, I can’t say I blame you! Posts this long and cluttered are really hard to read, I promise I won’t ever do a post like this again!

Whether you read the whole thing or just little portions, thanks for taking a look!

Until next time,

See ya!

Weekly Reflection: Finding Answers to Our Prayers

This weekly reflection focuses on Ether 1:33-2:25; This section of scriptures covers The Jaredites’ journey to America from the view of the Brother of Jared.

Hello Everyone!

This week in my Book of Mormon class we talked about the Brother of Jared and his people’s journey to America. I can’t put my finger on what exactly touched me in that lesson but I felt the spirit strongly throughout the entire class period. God answers prayers, every single one of them! His answers may not come immediately or in a way that we would hope, but He does answer them. The important thing to remember is to be ready and willing to receive the answers He has for us.

The Brother of Jared is an excellent example of how one should act in order to hear the answers to our prayers. He was meek and humble, willing to accept whatever answer the Lord would give him. Because of his childlike faith, he was able to receive the answers he needed to eventually lead his people all the way to the Americas.

Something interesting that Brother Griffin pointed out in class is that God tends to answer prayers in three ways:

1 – He “speaks peace to your mind” – He tells you not to worry, He will take care of it all

2 – He gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do

3 – He allows you to use your agency. With these answers you use what you know and find your own way.

The Brother of Jared received each of these types of answers in Ether 2:18-25 and 3:1-6. Throughout our lives we will all receive answers like these, and with each answer given we will have to learn to accept them in faith (easier said than done!). Most of us probably won’t see the hand of Jesus in this lifetime, but as we learn to move forward in faith we can certainly all feel His hand in ours lives.

I have a strong testimony that Heavenly Father hears and answers all prayers. All we need to do is be willing and ready to listen for when those answers come. For this week and the next as finals drawer ever closer, I’m going to try my hardest to keep this in mind. I promise to try to keep my mind and heart open so I can be ready to receive the answers Heavenly Father may have for me.

Until next time,

See ya!

Weekly Reflection: Nearer, My God, to Thee

Hello Everyone!

In D&C 59:9-12 it reads:

 And that thou mayest more fully keep thyself unspotted from the world, thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day;

 10 For verily this is a day appointed unto you to rest from your labors, and to pay thy devotions unto the Most High;

 11 Nevertheless thy vows shall be offered up in righteousness on all days and at all times;

 12 But remember that on this, the Lord’s day, thou shalt offer thine oblations and thy sacraments unto the Most High, confessing thy sins unto thy brethren, and before the Lord.

This past Sunday was a wake up call for me in terms of keeping the Sabbath! Sacrament meeting, Sunday School, and Relief Society were all focused on the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy.

During Sacrament Meeting, the Bishop’s wife gave an awesome talk about what it means to keep the Sabbath day holy, and how it’s different for everyone. The important thing to remember is that the way we choose to use our Sundays is sending a message to God about how important He is in our lives. Everyone has the right to keep the Sabbath in the way that they feel best, but shouldn’t judge others for not choosing to use it the same way.

Some people think you ought to stay in your Sunday best all day, others change as soon as they get home. Some people choose to keep the TV and computers off for the whole day, others don’t see a problem in it. The point is, keeping the Sabbath is about how you feel your reverence can be shown towards God. Personally, I try to stay away from anything that makes me feel angry and unable to feel the spirit; like homework or certain TV shows (even though I probably shouldn’t watch shows like that at any time…). However, I still go on Pinterest, I like to bake treats, and I don’t see a problem in having company over. Generally, none of these things keep me from feeling the spirit, so I don’t feel bad about doing them. Others might think it’s absolutely not okay to have guests on a Sunday, and that’s okay. It’s all about the message you want to send to Heavenly Father.

I know there are definitely things I can improve on in keeping the Sabbath, and I’ll certainly keep trying to do better. I’m grateful for the many great leaders there are in this Church to help guide me closer to Heavenly Father.

Until next time,

See ya!

Weekly Reflection: Service is Vital to Our Salvation

Hi Everyone!

During Sacrament meeting this Sunday we had a bunch of talks on things such as tithing, fast offerings, and the Law of Consecration. Towards the end of the meeting our awesome Bishop spoke to us more about service, and the importance it has in the role of our eternal salvation. This sacrament meeting was really touching to me, and it made me want to try and make service a more central part of my life.

In Doctrine & Covenants 42:30-42 talks about the Law of Consecration in great detail. The Law of Consecration is a Celestial law, so we’ll never be able to apply it perfectly into our lives in this life, but we can always strive harder to better fulfill it. I would like to become the kind of person that centers her life on service, big and small. I want to be a kind and loving mother, a devoted teacher in church callings, and whenever possible, working on service projects. That’s not who I am right now, but if I keep working at it every day, I can eventually get to that point. To become the kind of person I would like to be, I need to start everyday with a willingness to serve. It’s the small steps that lead to big changes.

That’s all for now! Until next time,

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Weekly Reflection: Become as a Little Child

Matthew 18:2-4

 And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,

 And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Hey Everyone!

This week while reading an article in The Ensign where this verse was referenced. The article was “Your Next Step” by Elder Randall K. Bennett. In it, Elder Bennett discussed ways in which we can improve and learn to be more like Heavenly Father so we can return to live with Him. The part that stuck out most to me, was that we need to humble ourselves and become “as little children”. It’s something that is taught a lot in church, but something I could personally apply better into my life.

What does it mean to be like a child? Children are humble and overall pretty sweet. They look at others without preconceived notions and without judgement (unless taught to do so). They soak up knowledge and are willing to be taught. Children are very mold-able. That is how we all need to be so that the Holy Ghost can guide and teach us.

Obviously kids aren’t always the way described above. I’ve got a few nieces and nephews that can sometimes be downright ornery. But they all have moments of sweetness that I could use to model my life after, as could we all.

For this next week I plan to try and become more humble and willing to be molded into what He would have me be.

Until next time,

See ya!

Weekly Reflection: God is Good

I love my Heavenly Father.

He has been so good to me in my life in more ways than I can ever number. Just thinking about the many blessings I have been given reminds me of His love! He’s been there for me during both the sweetest moments and the most bitter trials in my life. Though I don’t always feel His presence in the midst of my trials, I always recognize His hand in helping me through by the end of them!

I watched 17 Miracles with my sister yesterday morning and it made me feel incredibly grateful for the goodness of God. He may not make our trials go away, but He can help us bear them, if we let Him. I know he helped the pioneers in the Willie & Martin Handcart Company throughout their trials by giving them support physically and spirtually. I felt the spirit testify to me throughout the movie that the stories told were true.

In my Book of Mormon class a while ago we talked about King Limhi and his people in Mosiah 21. Brother Griffin showed us the difference between King Limhi’s enslavement and Alma’s group’s enslavement. Alma and his group humbled themselves before God from the very beginning of their trials. Because of this, God helped ease their burdens and their enslavement was significantly shorter than that of Limhi’s people. Limhi’s people on the other hand, went to war three times against the Lamanites and lost many of their men in the battles. Each time they fought, the worse their situations became. It took Limhi’s people 24 years of suffering to finally humble themselves before God. Only then did He begin to help them.

I can apply this into my own life by remembering that I need to humble myself and be willing to accept the Lord’s help and will. I know that as I do so He will lead me down the path that is best for me.

Until next time,

See ya!