Elder that’s not the Language they Taught me in the MTC…

… For real though, what are these people saying!? Anyways…

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

It’s been a pretty crazy week here in Oberá and I honestly didn’t understand most of it. But that’s okay! Lots of people have been assuring me it’s normal! 🙂

To start off, we finally  had our first lesson with an investigator. In fact we’ve had 4 now! Our first lesson was with Angela (17) and Fernando (13). They actually stopped us in the street while we were contacting and asked us to come to their house for a lesson later (that doesn’t generally happen ;)) Angela actually has investigated the church before, but for some reason stopped. Anyways, they saw us in the street and Angela decided she wanted to take lessons again, and Fernando wanted to take them too. So that was super cool! We’ve had 2 lessons with them so far. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to contribute much other than a simple testimony at the end. They seem pretty interested right now, and what’s better is the mom is totally fine with them investigating the church. Eventually we’re going to ask if she’d like to take lessons as well. 🙂

On Saturday we had a lesson with an investigator named Monica (17). She’s been investigating the church for while and has been coming to church every week for a long time. She’s super interested in joining! Our first lesson with her went really well, and I was able to help out in the lesson by giving a few simple definitions and reciting the first vision.

I could really feel the spirit in that lesson! I got a little teary when I recited the first vision, the Spirit was so strong. At the end of the lesson agreed to prepare to be baptized on December 17th! I love this gospel and the peace it brings to my life! I can’t wait for Monica to begin to feel that same peace more fully in her own life.

The members here are so sweet! I can’t understand a word any of them are saying but I can tell they’re good people, and very kind!

On Tuesday we had lunch with a sweet couple from the Church. Of course I didn’t understand anything that was said, but at the end of lunch with them the husband said something very sweet to me. At the time I had no idea what he was saying, but later that day my companion, Hermana Barraza, told the story to Elder Madder and he translated for me.

Basically he told me that they were praying for me that I might have the gift of tongues and that even though I can’t talk very much I communicate through my smile. He also spoke about an Elder who also started out in Oberá not knowing any Spanish and by the end of his time in Oberá he was speaking super well and ended up working in the mission office.

It was so sweet! I can’t wait for the day when I can finally start to understand and really get to know these people! 🙂 I know that if I keep working and praying it’ll for sure happen. God needs me to learn this language, so I know He will help me learn it! (1 Nephi 3:7)

I can actually tell I’m improving in the language. I can’t understand most of what people are saying, but I’m beginning to be able to differentiate words in a conversation, so it doesn’t all completely sound like a bunch of babbling.

We do choir about twice a week with the members and I really enjoy it! We’re singing Oh come all Ye Faithful, Silent Night, Joy to the World, and The First Noel. All in Spanish of course! On for each Sunday in December. I love singing these songs, even if I don’t understand all the words I love the message and the spirit they bring 🙂

I don’t really have any funny stories for this week but I learned a few fun words!

Macanero(a) – Punk

Che – Dude

Hash-dash – Hashtag!

Speaking of hashtags, if you haven’t already seen it the Church just released their annual Christmas video for the  year. The theme this year is service and I would like to challenge all of you to watch the video and try to Light the World through service! 🙂

I love you all and I hope you’re all doing well! Please keep me in your prayers, you are all in mine!

Hasta Luego!

Hermana Wilsted

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