New Companionship

Hey Everyone!

There have been some big changes this week! The first one: I’ve been put into a tri-panionship with Hermana Read and Hermana Nieves. Hermana Hurd has decided to switch to an English speaking mission so unfortunately that means she’s changed districts. We still see her around a lot, and she’s been doing a lot better since the switch. Being in a tri-panionship is kind of tough, but I’m getting used to it.

Another change is that our “investigator” that I talked about last week is now one of our teachers! “Marcos” is actually Hermano Clement and I love him! He’s a really good teacher and so patient and kind, just like Hermano Peery! We (Hermana Nieves, Hermana Read, and I) have two new investigators this week. One is just Hermano Peery acting like someone else (Luis), the other is a lady named Patricia, and we’re really not sure if she’s a real investigator or  not! Patricia is from Uruguay and she told us a ton about Argentine food! It was really fun talking to her. She was trying to learn English so we all just kind of spoke Spanglish throughout the entire meeting.

Every Sunday and Tuesday night, the MTC has big devotionals. This past Sunday Vai Sikahima came to talk to us about the power of our influence in other people’s lives, it was so great! He’s lead a really neat life, and it made me feel super excited to get out to Argentina and start helping people!

We also had a devotional last Tuesday, and guess who gave it? Elder and Sister Bednar! It was so cool being in the same room as an apostle*! They spoke about how to get more out of General Conference** talks.

We’ll have another devotional tonight and some people have been speculating that Elder Holland is giving it! In choir on Sunday the director is having us sing “Be Still My Soul” for tonight and he mentioned that it was a lot of the apostles’ favorite hymns and was very particular about how we needed to make sure we sang this well for devotional tonight.Then, at devotional sunday night, Vai mentioned that either Elder Bednar or Elder Holland spoke to us last week. We’re assuming he knows the speaking schedule. If Elder Holland comes to speak to us tonight I will die. He’s one of my favorite apostles!!! If I had favorites I mean… *ahem*

Also on Sunday night, we watched The Joseph Smith movie, and it was so good! I’ve seen it before but I felt the spirit so strong throughout the movie! It really makes me grateful for the early Saints of the church, and especially Joseph Smith, who went through so much to keep the gospel alive. This gospel has brought so much joy to my life!

Before I end this email, I’d like to thank everyone that have sent me Dear Elders this week! They really help uplift me throughout the week. If any of you would like to send me a DearElder, they are totally free! You just go to the DearElder website and write me a letter. Here’s my info:

Hermana Wilsted


2005 N 900 E Unit 15

Provo, UT 84602

Thank you to anyone who send me DearElders! I love them!

For anyone that isn’t a member of the LDS church, you can always check out or if you have any questions. You can also ask me and I’ll try to answer you by next Tuesday! Here’s a few definitions of some things I spoke about in my email today:

*Apostle – Like in Christ’s ministry, we believe apostles and prophets have been called today. We have a prophet at the head of the church today and 12 apostles. They are the leaders of our church.

**General Conference – General conference happens twice a year. It’s a weekend long event where the members of our church listen to inspired talks given by the prophets apostles, and other leaders in the church. We believe the words from these talks, especially from the 12 apostles and the prophet of our church, to be inspired from our Heavenly Father. I feel the spirit so strongly listening to these wonderful men, and I am grateful for the guidance they give us.

Well I think that’s all for this week! I love you all and miss you so much! Keep praying for me!

Hasta Luego!

Hermana Wilsted

P.S. – We watched a video from Elder Holland called “Testimony of the Book of Mormon” and it is so good! It’s about 4 minutes like and I really recommend it! If you’d like to watch it, here’s a link!


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