Weekly Reflection: “Life is to be Enjoyed, not just Endured”

Hello everyone!

This week was C R A Z Y! I’m suddenly feeling swamped with homework, unfortunately that’s really my own fault. Procrastination is an ugly thing folks; don’t do it!

Despite the stresses I’ve gotten myself into this week, there were plenty of bright points throughout! This General Women’s Conference was especially uplifting! I truly adored the messages shared by our leaders, but I especially loved the talks given by Rosemary Wixom and President Uchtdorf.

What stood out to me in Sister Wixom’s talk was the message that God is always there for us. He loves us and can see our true potential, even when we don’t see it ourselves. It sounds cliche but I know it’s the truth! I know Heavenly Father loves us and knows us individually. I really loved the message at the end that Sister Wixom shared with us; once we begin to see the divinity within ourselves, we can begin to see it in others. I know this is the truth, as we begin to feel more comfortable of our own selves we are more willing to love and serve others, just as Jesus did.

President Uchtdorf is the bomb! That’s fact! I always find something in his talks inspiring and this talk was no different! You see all these exclamation parts I’m using? That’s how you know I mean it! The story of Ava and her great aunt Rose was touching, and resonated with me in many ways. The message I got out of this talk was that life on Earth is meant to be happy. Just like it says in 2 Nephi 2:27; “…men are, that they might have joy.” This life is full of trials and hardships, and it’s okay to feel sad about these things, but we can still find things in life to be happy about. God can help us to see the good in life if we ask Him to help us see it.

After watching Women’s Conference tonight I decided to make a commitment this week that I would pray for the ability to see the good in my life, and that I might be able to take that good and use it to serve others around me. And with that, I’ll bring this post to a close.

Until next week,

See ya!

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