Welcome to Life À La Lexie!

Hello there! My name is Lexie Wilsted, owner of this whimsical little blog, Life À La Lexie! I’ve been considering starting this blog for months, but never really got around to it. Now, just three weeks into my first semester at BYU, I’ve finally done it!

In truth, I created this blog in my first week of school, but I just couldn’t get myself to write this first post until now. Why not? Because this is the first post, the post that the rest of my blog will have to build on! That’s pretty scary! So, in my usual Lexie-style, I spent hours thinking about how to make the perfect first post that would help me create the perfect blog. I read all sorts of blog posts on writing tips, I asked my family for advice, and of course, I prayed that a magical wave of inspiration would hit me and I would be able to write the most kick-butt first post ever. A post that would put the rest of those big bloggers’ first posts to shame! I did everything I could, except actually starting this dang post! So finally, after 2 weeks of nothing, I’ve decided to just say to heck with it and get this blog started. Perfect or not, this post needed to happen. Who needs perfect anyways? Well, we all do eventually I guess, but right now, perfection is impossible!

My plans for this blog are up in the air at the moment. I’ve always wanted to start a cooking blog where I post delicious recipes and then adoring readers admire pictures of my awesome food and vow to try the recipes themselves but never actually do it. (Kind of like what I’ve always done.) However, living in a dorm doesn’t really allow for a blog filled with fancy recipes, and I’m not in a financial state where I can afford to make complicated recipes every week right now. So my cooking blog dreams will have to wait. Instead, I’ll be using this blog as a place for weekly reflections from my Book of Mormon class. I’m also considering occasionally posting college student friendly recipes, but that will depend on whether or not  I can stand to use the tiny kitchen in the dorm basement. Time will tell if that really ever happens or not.

Well there we have it, my first blog post! It’s far from perfect but it’s finally complete, done, finito! Now that this terrifying post is over, I can start worrying about what I’m going write for my next blog post.

Until then,

See ya!

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